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   Together with other design professionals MOYA shares the mission of bringing diversity and character to industrial production. Our network ambiance is of great value to us - we carefully seek for collaboration and clients on most inspiring places. After some consecutive years of our commitment to this mission, we are about to widen our network and explore new culture of everyday - looking forward to meet new clients and  spread our community We are thrilled to announce opening of our new showroom this summer:see you in Vienna!

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MOYA line's newly redesigned armchair VIWO is now available in more sizes and materials:explore our offer on www.moyaline.com Viwo evokes in us a sense of childhood - memory of exploring shapes and balance in an endless journey, through the magic of surrounding objects. For a child, everyday reality is a world of fiction. Flexible steel construction enables gently moves of the upper part of the armchair, in accordance with the movements of the human body. Natural colors take you into the realm of comfort and pleasure, while bright support indicates where the boundary with reality is - it defines contact with...

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